7 businesses to start with little money in 2024

Cotton candy production, a sewing studio, bicycle repair, a confectionery workshop, a creative studio – any of your hobbies or passions can become a profitable idea if you take a business approach. You can open a profitable business not only in the capital but also in a small provincial town. From the article you will learn what kind of business you can start in 2024 with minimal investment, what to consider at the start, what tools to use, and how a novice entrepreneur can avoid mistakes.

Business ideas for small money businesses in small town

Small initial investments can pay off in the shortest possible time if, before opening your business, you carefully think through all the nuances, assess possible risks and difficulties, and also take into account the specifics of the location.

Features of business in a small town

  • You can open your own business in a small town without large start-up capital, but given the small incomes of the population, you should not count on quick payback and high profits.
  • There are many free niches and little competition, but the business audience is much narrower and smaller than in a metropolis.
  • It is easier to obtain government support in the form of grants and subsidies.
  • It is advisable to choose traditional niches for your business. Innovations and unusual ideas may not resonate with the audience.

You need to take into account not only the specifics of your city but also a specific area because what will be in demand in one area may not be profitable at all in another. For example, services that are relevant for a residential area may not work in the city center.

  1. Local classifieds site

Many cities already have similar pages, but their main disadvantage is the lack of moderation. This turns the site into a “garbage pit” – all the ads are mixed, and some of them are from scammers or stores. You can create a website or page on social networks from a selection of ads.

There are two strategies – to focus on a specific segment or, on the contrary, not to be limited by topic.

At first, you can publish ads for free, and as soon as you build an audience, take a commission from each publication. In addition, at the start, you will have to spend money on advertising. If you open a separate website, you will also have to spend money on its creation.

Earnings will depend on the number of users. In the initial stage, with a small number of users, income may be modest, but with increasing popularity and range it can increase significantly.


  • Easy business to start with no money.
  • Opportunity to receive passive income.
  1. Tire service, auto repair shop, car diagnostics

The idea is suitable for those who understand car repair and maintenance.

Its advantage is that the demand for services does not depend on seasonality, and if you open your business next to a garage cooperative, then you will be provided with a client base.

To open a business, you can use your garage, saving on renting premises. As for the budget, these are ideal business ideas with no money, To start a tire service, as well as to open a small repair shop, you will not have to spend a lot of money on purchasing the necessary tools and equipment.

  1. Consulting and training

This could be anything from cooking recipes and photography to learning to play a musical instrument or learning foreign languages. True, the approach to teaching this to others will be different. In some cases, you will have to formalize your knowledge into an entire course, while in others, a page on social networks will suffice.

You shouldn’t expect big earnings at the initial stage. If you are not a well-known professional in your field, then a loyal audience is unlikely to appear immediately. Therefore, at first, you will have to invest in promoting your name. However, this is a fairly easy business to start with no money, compared to, for example, opening a restaurant.

  1. Bicycle rental and repair shop

Business solution from the “2 in 1” series. By renting a small space or using your own garage, you can equip it as a workshop for repairing bicycles and baby strollers.

You can also add bicycle rental services to the renovation. To open a workshop, you will need minimal expenses for renting premises and purchasing a minimum set of components and tools. As for rental, it all depends on the number and range of bicycles. You should also include advertising costs in your budget because the influx of clients largely depends on how you can make yourself known.

  1. Design and decoration of premises

The essence of this business is very simple: to decorate and decorate banquet halls, restaurants, and open areas for celebrations. At the same time, this is not an easy matter. Firstly, as a rule, people don’t like ready-made solutions and you will always have to guess customer preferences. Secondly, this is not a stable income, but a seasonal one.

In addition to decorations, you can provide additional services such as renting furniture and equipment, as well as organizing stage shows or interactive elements. However, this will most likely require a team, which means additional costs for labor and insurance premiums.

The main expenses will be related to the purchase of materials and advertising. Also, consider transportation costs and ordering time.


  • Business to start with little money.
  • Flexibility in work, you can start with small orders and gradually develop.
  • There is a high demand for the decoration of event spaces even in small cities.
  1. Sewing studio (furniture reupholstery, clothing repair)

Repairing and sewing clothes, and sewing covers for car seats and furniture are activities that can generate income at all times.

In order to start your own business, you need to rent a studio, purchase the necessary sewing equipment, and advertise. If you find a small room and buy used equipment, and a cutting table, then the start-up investment will be minimal. The direction of advertising will depend on which profile you choose. If we are talking about clothing repair, then district chats and message boards will help you find customers. If you are considering reupholstering furniture, you will most likely find clients in communities dedicated to repair and construction.

  1. Mobile coffee shop

For today this is our last idea from business ideas with no money. There are two options. First: refurbish the car and install a coffee machine in it. The second option: install a stand with a self-service coffee machine in an office or shopping center. The option with a car is suitable for cities where there are points of attraction for citizens and tourists – for example, an embankment or a park. This option is also suitable if festivals, fairs, and other events are held in your locality.

And remember, you need to approach any business wisely, and then even a business with a small investment at the start can bring you a good income.

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